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How To Wash Your Duvet Inner The Right Way To Ensure Longevity And Cleanliness

  • 2 min read

How To Properly Washing Your Duvet Inner

Unlike your bedding, your duvet inner may not get washed that often – if at all for some people! Your duvet inner stays on your bed every single day and night and is exposed to all the same dust mites, dirt and sweat that your duvet covers are. Your duvet inner is just as important to keep clean as your pillow cases, sheets and duvet covers are. Read more about how to properly wash your duvet inner to ensure maximum hygiene levels and that your duvet does not get damaged during washing. 

Ensure That The Weather Is Good

When you are planning on washing your duvet inner, check the weather report as it is best to choose a day when there is at least 6 hours or full sunshine. When you wash your duvet inner, wash it first thing in the morning after you wake up as this will allow it the full day to completely dry before you put it back on your bed with fresh linen. While most duvet inners can be dried in a conventional electric tumble dryer of free-standing dryer like the DriBuddi, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the hot weather and dry your duvet inner in the sunlight. If the weather is not that great on the day you wash your duvet inner, try hanging it up on a clothes drying rack and air drying it inside as electric tumble dryers may potentially dry out the filling in your duvet inner.

Check The Washing Instructions First

Like clothing, not all bedding is made the same. There is some bedding that has not been made from the best materials and so is not made to last very long. Ensure that you check the washing instructions label on your duvet inner before you do anything. Once you have read the washing instructions carefully you can either hand wash or machine wash your duvet inner at the recommended temperature and then hang it up to dry.

Wash Your Duvet Inner On Its Own

While most of us like to make the most of the load of washing we are putting on, it is best to wash your duvet inner by itself. It is suggested to wash your duvet inner on its own so that there is enough space for the laundry detergent and water to reach every inch of the duvet – if it is overcrowded in the washing machine you won’t get the same results.  

Check The Washing Machine Settings Before You Start The Cycle

We all have that default setting on our washing machine that we are guilty of using for all loads. However, when it comes to washing your duvet inner it is best to set your washing machine to delicate and use cooler water, if possible. However, if you suspect that your duvet may have dust mites then using warmer water is a good way to kill them off.